Maggie is one of the few coaches I've met who can light up a room with her enthusiasm and sparkle while simultaneously taking people deeply into their own inner wisdom and well-being. If you get the chance to work with her, take it .

Michael Neill

I want to share this video from my trip to South Africa with Virgin Unite and Richard Branson and a bunch of other amazing people. Some business people that I talk to, and those who I coach complain about being stuck, about lacking clarity as to where and how to take their businesses forward. Others are also worried if not fearful about their future because of the recession.

This trip inspired me to add something new to my work with businesses by encouraging them to step out and share. Share their knowledge, their skills and help others in any way they can. Do you remember that feeling when you do something or give something to others? How amazing it feels! Giving what you can to those who want to make good use of it will not only give them opportunities to create something for themselves, but it will make you thrive. It will inspire you and allow you to look at your business in a fresh way. Join the Connection Trip if you can and if not, join Virgin Unite and Richard Branson who look at ways we all can assist others. If you do that then I can assure you, you will want to join a bunch of amazing entrepreneurs who already began to Screw Business as Usual.